3 Steps to Overcome Obstacles and Go Training

14 Feb

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When you are talking about our day-to-day life it’s easy to get drowned in your problems and end up not sticking to the initial plan of running 5K, feeling healthy, and getting fit. To be honest, I still experience this from time to time. And that’s why I came up with these very easy 3 steps to overcome obstacles and go training. I simply go through my routine and come up with a strategy to avoid getting caught by the bad habits, before they even happen. The key here is “anticipation”.

“Sound strategy starts with having the right goal.”
– Michael Porter

So, invest a few minutes today and take these 3 steps:

  1. IDENTIFY your trigger.

    Think for a minute about what keeps you from training. What is so appealing that even if you’re absolutely
    decided to go running after work it has the power to make you change your mind and completely forget about all the benefits and outcomes that made you decide to start running in the first place? That’s your trigger!
    Common triggers are watching TV, eating desserts, Social Media,  among others. In my case, it’s watching movies. I absolutely love them! If I sit down and start watching Netflix, I can easily forget about the rest of the world in a minute…

  2. CLASSIFY your trigger.

    There are SIMPLE and COMPLEX triggers that get in the way of our goals.
    (a) Going back to the “watching TV trigger”. Let’s say you get out of work and stop at home just to leave yourComplex versus simple notebook… But as you go through the doorway you see your couch and the TV. You decide to just check out what’s on. So you pick up the remote, turn the TV on, and that’s it! You sit down on the couch, put your legs up just to relax for a few minutes, and sadly there goes your running plan because when you realize, it’s too late to go running… See how easy and SIMPLE it was to get caught by this trigger? It all came down to a remote on your way.
    (b) Another possibility is that you’re completely convinced and motivated to go running as soon as you get back from work. You just have to get changed. But while you walk towards your bedroom to get your clothes, you remember you still have 4 or 5 chores to run by the end of the day. You manage to put on your shirt but by the time you find your socks, you’ve already added 2 more tasks to your to-do list. Long story short, you end up giving up the idea of running and start taking care of all the “urgent” things.
    The only problem is that you left your most important goal behind. And that only happened because, in this situation, getting dressed was too COMPLEX.

  3. Turn SIMPLE into COMPLEX, and COMPLEX into SIMPLE.

    This is where you use your creativity and actually come up with a strategy to help you achieve your goal.
    In situation (a) the solution could be taking out the batteries of your remote. Once you held it and tried to
    Remote controlwatch your favorite show you wouldn’t be able to turn on the TV. You would have to stand up and walk towards the TV. Then you would have time to think that you would never achieve your goals spending that precious time just sitting down and you would make the right decision to get changed and go for a run! All because you made it too COMPLEX to watch TV.In situation (b) you could turn the COMPLEX task of getting dressed in an easy, SIMPLE one by preparing and separating your clothes/shoes/accessories the night before and setting them at a closer place to the door. This way, when you got home it would be SIMPLE to just get in – get ready – go out and run!

BONUS TIP: It might help you to write down your goal (let’s say: ‘run 5K and weigh 150lb, and feel fabulous by Dec. 15, 17!’), print it and tape it to your remote. This will empower you to go running instead of looking for the batteries.

Do these 3 simple steps right now and you’ll see amazing results immediately on your training routine.

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