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The Ultimate 5k Plan for Breaking 20 Minutes

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“I have been running both competitively and casually for 25 years and have had exposure to a large variety of running coaches. That said, I would HIGHLY recommend Mark Eichenlaub as your running trainer/coach. Whether your goal is to improve your time, break records or simply get in shape, Mark will help you get there. His running plans are tailored to your specific needs and easy to follow. He’s a passionate runner, a skilled motivator and truly dedicated to the progress of those he coaches.” – Lisa W., Girls on the Run coach

Not running up to your capability is incredibly frustrating.  It can seem as though countless obstacles can arise to sidetrack you from reaching your true potential as a runner.

  • Have hip, knee or lower leg injuries caused you to have setbacks in your quest to break 20 minutes for 5k?
  • Have you struggled to find the time in your busy schedule to train properly to reach your goal of breaking 20 minutes?
  • Have you felt overwhelmed with all the information available about what workouts to do, in what order and at what paces?
  • Are you among the millions of runners dissatisfied with the poor results from 5k training based on “free” online plans?
  • Have these issues effected your motivation at times?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions than the all-new “The Ultimate 5k Plan” is for you.

This comprehensive 12-week plan is based on decades of running and coaching experience.  Your “sub-20″ plan carefully prepares you to have the necessary speed, endurance, strength, lactate threshold, etc. to reach race day physically and mentally prepared to crush your 5k pr.

Your plan includes:

  • 5-6 runs per week, including a long run, strides and 1-2 workout days with all of the proper paces for your 5k goal
  • A dynamic warmup and cooldown routine based on the latest research
  • Runner-specific strength activities built into the plan
  • Your Goal-Setting/Motivational worksheet
  • Your Time-Management worksheet
  • Your Racing Journal
  • Your PR log
  • A Blank Training

Imagine what will you do and how you will feel when you cross that finish line under 20 minutes!

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Product Description

“Mark helped me stay motivated about running and I now feel confident knowing I am doing the right workouts for me and my goals and ability instead of a generic training plan.  I’ve been able to overcome injuries and feel reinvigorated and so will you!”  Evelin

“The Ultimate 5k Plan for Breaking 20 Minutes” was designed by USATF Certified Coach Mark Eichenlaub of


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